CNC Automated Shot Peening

Electromold Australia's automated computer controlled CNC 5 axis shot peen machine can peen or abrasive clean a wide variety of parts using a pneumatic direct pressure media delivery system.

The machine is compliant with peening specifications AMS13165, AMS2432 and other OEM specifications. The machine has a 48" diameter and 48" tall peening/blasting zone. The gantry nozzle manipulator is programmed to interact with a direct drive part revolution system for exact nozzle stand-off distance and angle on each part. A teach pendant is used to teach the robotic nozzle manipulator the motion used during the process.

The automated controller has enough memory to store hundreds of individual part recipes that allows us to store peening set ups for customer parts ensuring an efficient and repeatable result. 

Our CNC Automated Shot Peening machine is able to service a number of industries ranging from:

- Aerospace
- High Performance Automotive
- Complex Engineering
- General Engineering

Our CNC Automated Shot Peening process is approved by NADCAP and The Boeing Company. 
For all enquiries about this service, please contact our Sales Team on +61 3 9464 0922 or email at