What needs to be on or with your Purchase Order or to obtain a Quote

Information Required




1. Process required

e.g: Anodising, Hard Anodising, Alodine, Nicobuild, Nicocover, Sandblasting etc

2. Is there any pre-existing coating on the part if so – what.


This is required so we can determine how our process will react with any existing coating on the part. If there is an existing coating we may have to sand blast the part or strip the coating before we process.


3. Thickness of coating required

We need to know the how thick you want our coating to be. Please allow for your end tolerances when quoting a thickness.

4. Material Grade

It is important we know the material grade so we can recommend the best solution for you and ensure a quality outcome and avoid a compromised finish.

5. Critical Dimensions / Finish Machine sizes

As per point 3 above, if we know the critical dimensions / finish machine sizes this will allow us to confirm the thickness of our coating to ensure it is within your tolerances.

6. Areas from where we can rack or shouldn't rack from (Anodising Only)

To process your work we are required to rack your part(s). As such there will be very small rack marks left depending on the process. If you have a part face that you don't want rack marks on, this needs to be stipulated or more importantly tells us where we can rack the part from.

7. Relevant Specification requirements

If the part is constructed to a specification or needs to comply with a specification, please detail this in your purchase order.

8. Masking required

Some parts need to be masked prior to being processed. Eg: bores, bolt holes, some critical areas.

9. Any technical drawings

This will further assist us in determining how to rack your parts, where the coating is required and any masking requirements.

10. Certificate of Conformance


Do you require a certificate of conformance for the work we have completed for you?


11. Contact Details including email address

We will email you when your job has been scheduled for completion.


The above is to be read in conjunction with our terms and conditions of sale.

For further information please contact our Technical Sales Department on +61 3 9464 0922 or email at sales@electromold.com.au