Aerospace and Defence

Electromold Australia, a division of George Lovitt (Manufacturing) Pty Ltd, is Australia's leading Aerospace and Defence Surface Coating specialist.  Our fully accredited surface coating solutions have been used on a number of applications including:

            - Airforce
            - Naval
            - Army
            - Security

Our surface coating solutions have been successfully applied to new and in service parts for a variety of Aerospace and Defence applications.

Our range of approved processes include:

 The Boeing Company_D1-4426 Approved


- Anodising - MIL-A-8625 and Boric Sulphuric Acid (BAC5632, Class 1 & Class 5)
- Integrated Fuel Tank Coatings - AMS-C-27725
- Salt Spray Testing
- Prime and Paint
- Chemical Resistant Masking

- Pre Penetrant Etch
- Non Destructive Testing - Liquid Dye Penetrant (Level 3 sensitivity) and Magnetic Particle Inspection
- CNC Robotic Shot Peening                                                                                                    


Lockheed Martin Aero Approval Number PQA300


- Anodising - Thin Film Sulphuric Acid - Type 1C
- Alodine / Chemical Conversion - MIL-DTL-5541
- Conductivity Testing
- Integrated Fuel Tank Coatings - AMS-C-27725
- Chemical Resistant Masking
- Pre Penetrant Etch
- Prime - MIL-PRF-23377
- Paint - MIL-PRF-85285
- Stainless Steel Passivation - AMS2700
- Non Destructive Testing - Liquid Dye Penetrant - Level 3 Sensitivity - ASTM E 1417  and Magnetic Particle Inspection     

Electromold Australia has also completed its NADCAP (National Aerospace and Defence Contractors Accreditation program) Audit for Quality Management System, Special Chemical Processing and Non Destructive Testing. NADCAP will deliver us the ability to provide with the highest level of quality surface coating solutions to a number of Aerospace and Defence Prime and second tier manufacturers.  Our NADCAP Accreditation includes:

 - Anodising- MIL-A-8625 & AMS-A-8625 Type 2 & 3
 - Chemical Conversion (Alodine) - MIL-C-5541,Class 1A & 3 & MIL-DTL-5541, Type I, Class 1A & 3
 - Stainless Steel Passivation - AMS-2700B Method 1, Type 2 and 6, Class 3
 - Stainless Steel Passivation - AMS-QQ-P-35C, ASTM-A-967, ASTM A 380
 - Stainless Steel Passivation - QQ-P-35C
 - Prime, Painting & Dry Film Coatings (1) - MIL-PRF-23377
 - Pre-Penetrant Etch: Aluminium, Stainless Steel and Titanium
 - NonDestructive Testing (NDT) - Liquid Dye Penetrant - Level Sensitivity 3 - ASTM E 1417


Aerospace Quality Systems, Chemical Processing,
Non-destructive Testing, Surface Enhancement

Electromold Australia is the only Australian Surface Coating / Processing Facility to achieve this level of accreditation to process to the most complex Aerospace and Defence requirements for Australian Leading Manufacturers.


For further detail on our Aerospace and Defence capabilities, contact us on +61 3 9464 0922 or email us at